Wedding Photos now posted!

Our Wedding

We are excited to celebrate with our friends and family. We will be hosting a party in honor of our commitment in Vilas Park, a Madison landmark that is minutes from our house.

We have reserved the park shelter and will provide dinner and drinks at the reception. As a personal touch, we'll be serving beer brewed by us and our family and friends. We encourage everyone to dress comfortably, as we don't want a fancy to-do.

There will be lawn games, music, and fun people to talk to. We want to have our friends and family close and have an all-around fun day!

We hope everyone can join us in celebrating our commitment. If you're planning on joining us, please RSVP at your earliest convenience via the RSVP page.

We will have a small ceremony with our immediate family Saturday morning. We invite everyone to join us Saturday evening to celebrate our commitment.

As the date comes closer, we'll update this page with more details.